• Some people are just amazing!!

    Some people are just amazing!!
    Meet Sara R from Oceanside. During this entire pandemic this anonymous young lady has picked up fabric, elastic and felt and has dedicated countless hours making masks to donate. I give her the packages with labels already on them and she drops them off at the Carlsbad Post Office. It’s people like this that have risen to the occasion with a giving heart and...
  • Day 42 JOYFULL

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    Who would have thought that a shipment arriving would bring such JOY!! As of Monday the "Chingadera's" will be in and everyone will get one per mask!! We have gotten so many wonderful E-mails this week with praise and love on our little creations. Know that we are constantly working to improve these babies!! We are so appreciative when someone takes their time to...
  • Day 41 Ice Cream and popsicles from the Paletero!!

    Day 41 Ice  Cream and popsicles from the Paletero!!
    It’s the little things that matter. Today an ice cream cart (Paletero) walked buy our studio and it was Cristmas here at the headquarters. Our team is always so grateful and love to enjoy the little things in life. As we make you your masks know that we are loving our work and find time to stop and eat the popsicles!
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