• Designer Mask Headbands

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    Designer Mask Headbands
    We have officially started our pre-order for our new Designer Mask Headbands! Ashley had the idea of creating these headbands about a month ago, but we have been so busy that it was put on the back burner. Now that we are caught up, Ashley is able to go back into designer mode! This girl never runs out of new things to create... it's...
  • Sanity!!!

    What a ride the last 6 weeks have been. Everyday could have been the same routine but not with a team of “creatives”. Our team was able to lighten the emotional and work burden by attempting to bring some levity to an overwhelming reality. One day was wig day ( yes bald me had a pony tail taped on) , cinco de Mayo contest...
  • USPS uggggggggg

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    So our shipping process has been fulfill orders, send customer shipping confirmation, drop off packages at Carlsbad,Ca post office on way home , leave at post office “staging platform” in back of post office (designated area for businesses shipping priority) . Drive away.... I learned today that office is so overwhelmed they are driving the orders to main office in San Diego to be...
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