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    I have posted this many times but here I go again. Most of my customer service emails are about the USPS. Again please don't write to me asking me about their routing, their postal centers, why did it go here instead of this center, why is it still pending, etc.....We are in an unprecedented time.. all those things we take for granted are comprised—...

    So our Loteria fabric was supposed to arrive yesterday and it did not. If you placed an order for a Loteria we will be getting it in on Monday and getting your order to you. I really don't want to substitute for a fabric that is so unique. Again we are trying but a lot of what is going on is out of our...
  • Day 29 Andrew gets ANGRY!

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        Those of you who know me know that I can handle what comes my way BUT today really got to me. After 9 days of telling us today, tomorrow, promise today, promise tomorrow, the factory SOcal Legacy Design tells us “sorry we got another order and had to push you further out”. Do not do any business with Merilyn Vera or her...
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