• "YOU" Tube LOVE "YOU"

    "YOU" Tube LOVE "YOU"
    We are so proud to be launching our You Tube Channel tomorrow 9/15/2020. This is a 4 year dream finally realized. We have learned so much about who we are and what we aspire to/for during the pandemic that we realized that there is power in sharing our STORY. We are hoping you join us and subscribe to the channel. As always thanks for...
  • Our Power Women Series

    Our Power Women Series
    As the proud owner of Ashley Nell Tipton I am keenly aware of how women who own their power can sometimes be perceived in our society. That is why I have created these series of masks with quotes from two of our superstar "Nasty" women Kamala Harris and Michelle Obama. I have watched them both own their power. Their confidence, intelligence, compassion and ability...
  • The Process in Making our Masks

    The Process in Making our Masks
    We finally were able to create a video showing how we make our masks here in the Ashley Studio. We are so proud that we  make our masks here in California - all of the fabric, felt, accessories, labor are "home-grown". Ashley literally makes a weekly appointment to go to a local fabric store to buy her fabrics, waits inline at Joan's to get...
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