“Be Who You Are, Not Who The World Wants You To Be.” – Coco Chanel – Ashley Nell Tipton

“Be Who You Are, Not Who The World Wants You To Be.” – Coco Chanel

Girl YASSSSS…that is SO my motto! If you’re wondering who the original HBIC of “I don’t care about your opinion” fashion is…its 100% our girl CoCo Chanel. From an orphan to a fashion icon, CoCo has been killin’ the game since the 1920’s…and it all started with lipstick and a lot of sass. CoCo is the real MVP when it comes to gender equality in fashion because she removed the constraints of suffocating corsets and got women into wide-legged, men’s-wear inspired pants suits! Every girl should be thanking CoCo because her designs were basically the first “crack” in the ever-existent glass ceiling women are striving to shatter! Her designs are forever revolutionary, funky, and always versatile; merging vintage looks with current pop-culture. The designs are loud, in your face, and scream “screw your sexist fashion!”

Chanel will always encourage people to stand out…mixing clashing patterns, wearing an array of colors, and all around bringing the sass!

If you’re still left wondering why I’m so in love with this brand…two words: girl power!

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I love your attitude and i am am a sissy boy I love pink pink panties pink bra pink dresses earrings jewelry heels i just love everything about a woman they are so beautiful and sexy so lucky the dresses skirts

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